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(You Don't Fool Anyone Pretending To Be A Dog)

Just like his Labrador friends, he wags his tail, Fetches sticks, and rolls on his back to have his tummy tickled. But the hooves and mane give way his real identity - he's a SHETLAND PONY!

Eight-week old RORY picked up his canine traits after he was befriended
by dogs at the Essex Horse and Pony Sanctuary in Pitsea.

Rory was rejected by his mother after he was born. After arriving at the sanctuary he became ill and spent all his time being nursed in the office - attracting the interest of Labradors Alfie and Millie - owned by stable manager Sam Edwards. Rory lay in Sue's lap with his little hooves sticking out and Alfie would come up and wash them.

When Rory was left with a white moustache after drinking milk, Alfie would clean that too.

Rory fetching a stick.

Rory at play.

Despite all, Rory ended up being closer to Millie because she was nearer his size.
Shetland ponies are herd animals by nature, learning by copying other ponies.

If they are placed with another animal, they will copy them.

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