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We just love Jill from Cozy Home & Pet Care!  When our mom is out of town, Jill not only feeds us, but plays with us and pets us. Jill brings in the newspaper, turns lights on or off, cleans our litterbox each day, and even checks to see if our mom came back from her vacation on time. She treats us like we belong to her! 


Ditto for me too about about Jill. I love her as much, maybe even a little more, then Flossie. Come see us soon!

Rocket & Ginger

"We were so happy to have Jill's company while our family was gone.  She came over and took us out, pet us, and played with us for 5 long days.  She fed us and cleaned up after us.  There was no mess when everyone returned.  We missed all of the attention we get every day from the kids, so we were very glad that Jill took such great care of all of us."
Many more references available.
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