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In Loving Memory 




Rocky, I miss you already. When I walked in the door to your house,

I always got such a warm welcome from you and your sister, Maggie.

You both just couldn't wait to get outside,

do your business, run around and play.

But the most important thing, always, was the delicious food

waiting for you inside. How you devoured it in no time, amazed me.

I was blessed to be a part of your precious life.

I know, now, you are surrounded by God just this side of heaven,

in a place called Rainbow Bridge.

One day, I will see you again.

R.I.P handsome boy



Molly, how we all miss you, especially your sister, Bella.

I'll never forget taking care of the two of you.

 Always excited when I walked thru the front door,

 ready and anxious for a walk.

 I'm sure you're having so much fun now

with all your friends

 and relatives across rainbow bridge.

See you there one day.

 R.I.P beautiful girl



The best way to describe GiGi is from the lyrics

of two songs from the movie GiGi:

 "What miracle has made you the way you are"

and "Thank heaven for little girls."

They didn't come any sweeter than, you, GiGi. 

How you loved your four walks a day with me

when Mommy & Daddy were away.

You are so missed by us all.

See you one day over the bridge.

R.I.P precious girl



We spent a lot of time with you, Boomer,

the last weeks of your life.

You were so happy being around Poogie & Oliver, too. 

We tried to give you lots of love and kisses to comfort you.

 Boomer, I know you knew how much we

adored you. We will ALL miss our Boomer.

We'll play again, one day, when i see you over the bridge.

R.I.P handsome boy.



I took care of you, Hunter, almost since the beginning of

my pet sitting business. You were my buddy,

so handsome and so gentle.

You were always ready for our long walks.  

I will so miss that time together and 

will miss being with you, terribly. 

You're in God's hands now, pain free.

We'll go for a long walk again,

one day when I see you over the bridge.

R.I.P sweet boy.


2000 - 2009

Shea, you were such a beautiful girl.

I loved taking care of you,

lways so sweet and always excited to see me.

You, especially, loved our long walks together.

I miss you, Shea, so much.

See you again, one day, over the bridge.

R.I.P lovely lady

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