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 Bow Wow References 


I'm sorry to say, Shea passed away 7/19/2009. I will miss her terribly and always remember our long walks together. My prayers are with the LaBanz family. May you always rest in peace, our beautiful Shea. 

Thank you so much for taking such great care of me when my family went away.  I was so happy that I could stay at home instead of going to a kennel.  You gave me lots of love and I looked forward to your visits.  I can't wait to see you again. When my family went on vacation, they couldn't take me with them, so they asked Jill to come over to walk me and feed me.  We had so much fun.  She took great care of me and gave me lots of love.  I am so happy that I could stay at home instead of going to a kennel.  I would definitely recommend Jill to look after your furry family members while you're away.  They couldn't be in better hands!


Thank you so much for taking care of me Tu Tu. You're the best grandmother in the world. I really love when you take me for walks, play with me, and hug and kiss me. I especially  love when you give me treats, of course,  when I've been a good girl. You're the bestest!!!!


I wanted to share with you that when Jill takes care of me, I have the best time with her and especially when I play with her doggie, Poogie and Poogies friends. She is always caring and loving with me and I can just tell how much  passion she has for animals and life just by the way she hugs and kisses me and treats me like I was her own doggie.  


Riley & Scout

Early morning at the Wilkes household as Scout and Riley observe every movement of their Mom.  "Looks like she's leaving again."  "Yes, I hate it when she brings out that rolling black thing."  "But that means Jill is coming and she always knows to rub right behind my ears just like we Black Labs love it"  "And Jill knows we Australian Shepherds have to stay busy so she plays ball with me all the time"  So Scout and Riley settle in, missing their Mom, but knowing they will be loved and cared for until she returns. 


I get very sad when my mommy starts to pack her suitcase...that means she's leaving me. Mommy puts me away in my condo and tells me she loves me. I knew since mom was leaving that meant that nice lady Jill was coming to take care of me and my brother. She takes me out for walks, plays with me and feeds me. She even brought me toys the first time she took care of me. I needed new toys because my "little" brother tore ours all up.

Mommy hadn't left me in a long time...I forgot she did that sort of thing. Laney told me she was packing her suitcase! This must mean mom is leaving us for a long time! I hope she finds someone who will take care of me...she did! Her name is Jill. I was nervous when I first met her...cause everyone is scared of me. Jill wasn't! She brought me toys! I looked forward to each one of her visits.
Missy & Lucy

"We were so happy to have Jill's company while our family was gone.  She came over and took us out, pet us, and played with us for 5 long days.  She fed us and cleaned up after us.  There was no mess when everyone returned.  We missed all of the attention we get every day from the kids, so we were very glad that Jill took such great care of all of us." 

Gus, Etta & Ries

Jill did a great job taking care of us while our owners were on vacation.  She took us for walks and gave us treats and lots of petting.  We can't wait for our owners to take another trip!


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